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Request a developer key and as soon as your request is approved, you can start developing against the Redbox API.

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We want to make integration with the Redbox API a seamless experience for you. Once your developer key request has been reviewed and accepted by the Redbox API team, you'll get your key and be able to access the API endpoints.

API Resources

The Redbox API consists of three resources: Products, Stores and Inventory These resources will give you the power to create a compelling Redbox experience through an easy-to-use interface. The Redbox API provides a simple RESTful interface with easy-to-parse XML, JSON and JSONP responses.

Please review the documentation for each API endpoint for integration details.


When you make requests to any Redbox API endpoint, you will be required to provide your developer key as a part of that request. Requests are monitored on a key by key basis to ensure the best user experience for our developers. If you don't have a key, you'll get one after you submit your developer request and it is approved by the Redbox API team.

Redbox Widgets

Want something a little less complex? Try out Redbox Widgets. You can embed them directly into your website by copying and pasting the provided HTML/JavaScript code right into your HTML code. It’s as easy as that!